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B2B Program Summary

Whether you're looking to gain a risk-free, regular income from sales commission, increase brand loyalty and add value for your customers or secure additional revenue by cross-selling to your existing visitors, the UrbanPup.com Business to Business program provides you with everything you need to create your own fully-branded online pet boutique in minutes...

Zero setup cost

Creating your own branded pet boutique website is completely free. Sign up for an account without any obligation and see how easy it is to get started. You market your fully-branded online pet boutique and we take care of the rest.

Everything is included

We offer a fully customisable eCommerce platform & logistics network. Robust, centrally-hosted shopping software, PCI compliant secure credit card processing, order processing / fulfilment and invoicing all in your brand. Backed up with full customer support.

Receive your commission

Twice a month you'll get 15% of your site's total turnover (less sales tax & shipping fees). Receive your money straight away by PayPal or Bank Transfer and track your income through our back-end reporting system.

UrbanPup.com Partner Features

The UrbanPup.com B2B program provides everything you would expect in a fully managed eCommerce website and more. Here are just some of the many features which are our partners enjoy, divided into a list of the benefits for site owners on the left and customer features in the right-hand column.

Business Partner Benefits

Customer Features

Your Brand Identity

Our powerful templating software allows you to add your branding to the site, including; logos, header information, add external banner links and customise the colour palette used on every page.

Hosted, Managed Solution

We provide our partners with a full outsourced solution. Simply sign up and market your online pet boutique and we'll do the rest.

Regular Payouts

We don't delay commission you have earned. Payouts are sent electronically by PayPal of Bank Transfer on the 15th & 30th of every month.

From Stock to Invoice

We manage all the logistics from manufacturing to customer invoicing in your brand (and everything in between). The only thing you need to do is market your brand.

Tracking Statistics

Our back-end reporting system allows you to track hits, sales and commission earned. Allowing you to monitor success and identify results.

Partner Management

Create your online pet boutique with UrbanPup.com and enjoy the personal touch. Our partner team will be on hand to aid and support you in developing and marketing your site.

Quick, Fully-Online Setup in Minutes

Create a new site instantly. Choose a name, add your site details and the modify the style of your site using our web-based tools.

Shopping Catalogue

We strive to bring customers the widest selection of original pieces of dog outfits and accessories fit for any and all occasions. Only the highest quality garments are selected, made to the highest standard and finished impeccably.

Customer Support

Customers are expertly supported by our experienced, dedicated staff. We manage all support requests centrally on your behalf.

Secure Credit Card Payment

We use high-grade 128-bit encryption for all credit card transactions, process all payments securely and ensuring PCI compliance and data protection.

Browsing / Searching

Customers are presented with an intuitive, easy to use shopping environment. Browsing numerous categories from Dog Fashion by Gender to Seasonal Trends, and advanced internal product searching.

Real-time Chat

Our live-person real-time chat facility helps to engage at the moment of truth. An encouraging, dedicated sales team captures higher conversion rates and increases sales.

Product Pages

Each product page is designed to maximise conversion and basket size and provide customers with the high-end performance including; zoomable high resolution product photography, cross & up-selling and auto-currency / auto-country detection.

Customer Appraisal

We consistently receive positive customer feedback regarding the shopping experience, products purchased and after sales support. A strong business to customer relationship, offering the highest in satisfaction is the best way to maximise sales and retain repeat custom.

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